MINISCAN IRXpert analyzerThe MINISCAN IRXpert analyzer from AMETEK Grabner® Instruments is the first completely portable multi-fuel analyzer for gasoline, diesel and biodiesel blends that incorporates the advantages of mid-IR and near-IR spectroscopy to achieve unmatched accuracy of fuel properties. According to the company, the analyzer is:

  • An intelligent, self-learning analyzer that uses more than 12,000 data points from the infrared spectrum to determine the concentration of molecules in a sample.
  • Able to yield from that spectrum a “fingerprint” of more than 40 important fuel properties.
  • Capable of performing compound analysis according to international standards (ASTM D5845 for oxygenates, ASTM D6277 and EN 238 for benzene, and EN 14078 for biodiesel). 
  • Able to offer predictions for octane number, AKI and cetane number that are based on ASTM D2699, 2700, 613, ISO 5163, 5164; distillation based on ASTM D86 and ISO 3405; and vapor pressure based on ASTM D6378, D5191, D323 and EN 13016.
  • Fully configured and ready for fuels testing. 
  • Characterized by a high-end, full-color touchscreen that facilities menu navigation and allows for in-depth spectrum analysis.
  • Highly adaptable and intelligent: An unlimited number of new parameters can be added with the push of a button — users simply upload a database, and the analyzer creates the optimum measuring model. 
  • Characterized by USB and Ethernet interfaces that facilitate quick data transfer, printing, LIMS integration, and remote control and service.