8540 Series brush-commutated DC motorsPittman® 8540 Series brush-commutated DC motors are designed using the latest advancements in materials and manufacturing technology. According to the company, the motors additionally offer:

  • Significant improvements over similar-sized, older-generation Pittman motors.
  • A design that is perfect for high-tech applications found in medical devices, lab instrumentation, data storage, precision automation machinery, and more.
  • Greatly improved power density through the use of bonded neodymium magnets. 
  • Twice the continuous torque rating, compared to the previous generation of motors. 
  • Motors are 1.18 inches (30mm) in diameter and are available in three lengths: 2.114 inches (53.69mm), 2.585 inches (65.66mm) and 3.057 inches (77.65mm). 
  • Depending on the model, they can achieve a continuous torque rating from 2.5 oz-in (0.018 Nm) to 8.3 oz-in (0.059 Nm), without the use of a heat sink.
  • Availability with eight standard windings ranging from 9.55V to 48V. 
  • The motors have standard pre-loaded ball bearings, allowing high speeds, radial and axial shaft loading, and higher temperatures. 
  • A new bearing support system, a seven-slot armature, and improved manufacturing techniques allow more balanced armatures resulting in very low vibration and audible noise characteristics. 
  • At low speeds, the motors exhibit very low cogging as a result of an optimized magnetic circuit design. 
  • Low vibration and low cogging make the series ideal for position control in servo applications.
  • Complementary products include gearboxes, encoders and brakes. 
  • The motors have the capability of extensive customization including shaft configurations, leadwire assemblies, optional EMI/RFI filtering components, transmission components (shaft gears, pulleys, or sprockets) and a variety of brush materials (including standard graphite).