Petrotest PMA-5AMETEK Petrolab now offers the Petrotest PMA-5 Pensky-Martens (ASTM D93) flash point tester that performs flash point testing of petroleum products using the closed-cup ASTM D93 A, B and C methods. According to the company, the tester:

  • Is certified for both biodiesel and biodiesel blended fuels along with such distillate fuels as diesel, heating oil and kerosene, and such potentially flammable liquids as lubricating oils, paints and varnishes.
  • Is a highly versatile, bench-top instrument with an integrated fire extinguisher system.
  • Features an over-temperature protection circuit, a splash-proof membrane key panel and a built-in sensor for automatic barometric pressure correction. 
  • Offers both gas and electric ignition options, standard.
  • Features a reduced time interval between two consecutive flash point tests through the convenient-to-use multi-function head.
  • Offers the ability to heat samples while the machine performs tests unattended; heating keeps samples with a high-melting point liquid at temperatures above 150°C, allowing for the immediate start of the stirrer when flash point testing begins.