Metso’s new Neles Finetrol designMetso’s new Neles Finetrol design offers greater efficiency and improved environmental solutions. According to the company, the valves are also characterized by:

  • The reliability and durability of the design meets even the most stringent health and safety legislation while offering direct savings.
  • An ISO 15848-1 class BH fugitive emission type approval certificate in the most demanding endurance class CH-3 (100 000 mechanical cycles). 
  • A design that reduces health and safety risks, because leakage from gland packing can cause serious damage to personnel and to the immediate surroundings, particularly when noxious flow media are involved.
  • Direct savings can be achieved due to reduced control variability and lower flow media consumption.
  • Improved control performance will enhance end-product quality, decrease valve reversals and reduce energy consumption.
  • Better valve performance and gland-packing tightness mean less maintenance and longer valve life cycle, thereby reducing their associated costs.
  • High-performance packing tightness improves reliability and efficiency while preventing the loss of both raw material and end product.
  • The approval certificate covers the full 1- to 10-inch size range and ASME #150 and #300 pressure classes.
  • Quarter-turn valve design combined with live-loaded packing is accepted as the most efficient and environment-friendly solution for all control valve applications due to its low fugitive emissions.