Type NMP05 diaphragm micropumpKNF Neuberger’s Type NMP05 diaphragm micropump, designed for sampling air and gases, combines high performance with precision miniature packaging to deliver smooth-running, efficient and reliable operation for a wide range of portable, battery-operated equipment applications. According to the company, the pump:

  • Measures 17mm (width) by 26mm (height) by 31mm (length) and weighs as little as 18 g.
  • Provides an ideal solution for industrial hygiene devices, air samplers and medical analyzers, among many other uses.
  • Features a bolted-on pump head (ensuring excellent gas tightness) and an innovative molded diaphragm with structured surface (enabling maximum end vacuum and extended lifetime).
  • A variety of economical, low-current and robust brush-type DC motors, or premium, longer-life, ironless-core DC and BLDC motors with integrated electronics, featuring low EMI/RFI can be specified.
  • A unique valve system that promotes low aerodynamic loss and optimized flow.
  • Oil-less operation that allows for uncontaminated flow of the pumped medium.
  • Requires no maintenance.
  • Can achieve flow rates to 450 ml/min., continuous vacuum to 500 mbar (15.2 in. Hg) and continuous pressure to 150 mbar (2.2 psig).
  • Can be mounted in any position and can be modified or otherwise customized to satisfy particular application requirements.