2200 Series low-profile belt conveyorDorner’s 2200 Series low-profile belt conveyor, featuring the latest advancements in belt and drive technology, can now carry up to a 200-pound maximum load. According to the company, the conveyor features:

  • A 1.4-inch diameter pulley for optimal part transfer and machine interface. 
  • A compact design that allows the conveyor to fit into tight spaces.   
  • An engineered cogged belt with teeth that engage and grip the two sprocket pulleys on each end of the conveyor.
  • The ability to handle a high weight capacity while pushing or pulling the load.
  • Ideal suitability for product assembly, manufacturing and packaging processes.
  • Specific applications include: machine integration, robotic pick-n-place, indexing, accurate part positioning, timed conveying, vision inspection, sheet or wide-part handling.
  • Positive drive no-slip belting and a 12-tooth T10 profile.
  • Compatibility with Dorner standard drive conveyors.             
  • The capability to achieve belt speeds of up to 370 feet per minute.
  • Belt widths from 1.75 feet to 24 feet and conveyor lengths from 1.5 feet to 30 feet.