Sprite® 16 and Sprite® 16 Pro wet-dry tank vacuumsAdvance’s recently enhanced Sprite® 16 and Sprite® 16 Pro wet-dry tank vacuums are designed to provide faster and more effective cleaning. According to the company, the vacuums’ features include:

Sprite® 16

  • Superior water and dry debris pick-up capabilities, eliminating the need for messy mops and buckets, and saving users significant time, labor, and cleaning expenses.
  • Faster water and debris pick-up than traditional manual pick-up tools, allowing operators to increase productivity by up to 80 percent.
  • A 24-inch front-mounted chemical resistant squeegee effectively cleans up to 11,500 square feet (1,068 m2) per hour.
  • Easy maneuverability enables operation right up to walls and into corners, picking up water and debris in both forward and reverse motion.
  • Dry pick-up mode permits users to either place a sock filter over the float assembly or insert a reusable cloth bag into the tank.
  • A washable exhaust filter maximizes dust containment, ensuring high indoor air quality.

Sprite® 16 Pro

  • For floor stripping applications, operators can employ the Sprite 16 Pro to efficiently lay down and pick up stripper solution.
  • Efficient operation cuts down the time it takes to lay down stripper by up to 50 to 75 percent, completing 5,000 square feet in 15 minutes on a single tank.
  • A unique 36-inch stripper dispensing tool ensures stripping solution is applied evenly.
  • Zero power is needed to operate the stripper dispensing tool, simply requiring an operator to pull the machine back.
  • The Sprite 16 squeegee conveniently replaces the stripping tool to easily suck up the stripper/floor finish slurry and any rinse water used.