Ross EngineeringRoss Engineering now manufactures and custom fabricates storage tanks, pressure vessels and reactors as large as 100,000 gallons. For example, the company recently shipped two 10,000-gallon storage vessels (pictured), which conform to the UL142/wind and seismic per ASCE 7-80 California Code, to a major chemical company making assorted household products. Product temperature is controlled via a heat-tracing system, while the stainless steel 316 vessels are insulated with calcium silicate sheathing. Vents, overflow pipes, fill nozzles, manways, caged ladders, landing platforms and lifting, anchor and grounding lugs are also provided. The company also routinely supplies the following features on fabricated vessels:

  • Vacuum and/or internal pressure designs.
  • Agitation systems.
  • Heating/cooling jackets.
  • ASME-code stamps as needed.
  • Sanitary designs.
  • Special polishes and coatings.