Kason VibroscreenThe new Vibroscreen® 2-deck sanitary classifier from Kason Corp. separates up to 6 tons per hour of bulk solid material into three fractions. According to the company, its dust-tight, gravity-fed Vibroscreen is additionally highlighted by:

  • 2 horizontal sanitary epoxy-mounted screens located 1 above the other in a vertical cylindrical housing supported on a circular base by rugged springs.
  • Feeding of the material to be separated onto the center of the top screen as its mesh is the largest.
  • Moving of the oversize particles to the screen periphery in a spiral pathway, where they are discharged through an extended spout, while the balance of material passes through the screen onto the center of the next screen.
  • Moving of the on-size particles to the periphery of the second screen and through another extended spout, whereas undersize particles pass through the screen onto a chute and through the third extended discharge spout.
  • Sanitary anti-blinding ball tray assemblies under both screen decks to dislodge near-size particles from screen apertures.
  • An imbalanced-weight gyratory motor affixed to the housing to impart vibration.
  • Quick-disconnect clamps between each screen frame for rapid interior access for inspection, screen changes and washdowns.
  • The capability to classify bulk chemicals, minerals, plastics, foods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and other materials ranging from dry bulk solids to solids-laden slurries.
  • Batch or continuous operation.
  • Stainless steel construction with ground and polished welds, not to mention diameters from 18 to 100 inches (460 to 2,540 mm)
  • An optional Air-Lift device to pneumatically raise any of the screen frames, enabling 1 operator to rapidly perform what was previously a 2-person task, as well as optional clean-in-place spray nozzles and automatic lubrication systems.
  • Compliance with UL, ATEX, CSA and CE electrical standards, plus availability of 3-A, FDA, BISSC and other sanitary standard compliance.