Untreated and treated steel pistons after ASTM 1748 testing.Cortec's VpCI-337 is a ready-to-use water-based Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) that offers protection in virtually any situation.  According to the company, VpCI-337 is characterized by:

  • Ideally suited for protection of internal void spaces, exposed surfaces and use in internal packaging, it is one of the most versatile and effective corrosion inhibitors on the market today. 
  • Based on the company’s patented VpCI technology, it offers multi-metal protection with no future need for removal.
  • Is widely used in a variety of industries and applications, and is revolutionizing corrosion control methods in the power generation and offshore industries.
  • Can be used for the protection of virtually any enclosed space at very low dosage, with no need for removal.
  • Is water-based and will not clump, so it is also ideal for equipment with complex geometries such as boilers, heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and pressure vessels. 
  • Compared to other methods of corrosion prevention, such as nitrogen blanketing and dehumidification, VpCI-337 provides substantially better corrosion control at a lower cost and higher success rate. 
  • Once equipment has been treated with the product, it will remain protected for up to three years with no need for reapplication. 
  • The protection is independent of environmental conditions and will be provided even in extreme conditions.
  • This product is also available in a VpCI-337 F formulation approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on steel or tinplate in food packaging.
  • Standard packaging includes recyclable aluminum sprays, 19 liter (5 gallon) plastic pails, 208 liter (55 gallon) metal drums, totes and bulk.
  • VpCI-337 conforms to military specification MIL-I-22110C, NACE Standard TM0208-2008, and is RoHS compliant.