Witte legsThe Witte Co. customizes the height of its machinery with optional leg extensions, which are available on the company’s entire line of vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers, screeners, plastic pellet classifiers, vibratory conveyors and other process equipment. According to the company, customized heights deliver:

  • Sturdy, painted steel leg extensions that effectively raise machine inlets, intakes and infeeds to seamlessly accommodate the position of upstream process equipment, and ensure smooth, uninterrupted material flow.
  • Better ergonomic access to machine internals and product in process for constant viewing, easy cleaning and safe removal for testing.
  • Frequently no need for connecting conveyors, ramps and/or ductwork.
  • The flexibility to be retrofit on process equipment in the field.
  • A custom design to suit each individual installation.
  • Ideal suitability for use in chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, plastics, food, water/wastewater and other processing lines.