Tri-Flow Environmental Control BoothTri-Mer Corp.’s Tri-Flow Environmental Control Booth was designed for plant areas where dirty and/or noisy tasks need to be confined to their own workspace. According to the company, it provides:

  • HEPA level filtration performance and a MERV 16 rating.
  • Efficiency of 99.999 percent on particles 0.5 micron and larger by weight. 
  • Perforated acoustical panels that contain and absorb noise generated inside the booth.
  • No air turbulence, no "hot spots" and no uncomfortable drafts to interfere with operator productivity. 
  • The capture velocity provided throughout the booth means that workers are not confined or tied to a fixed work space, hood, hose, etc. 
  • Typical inlet velocities are generally in the range of 125 to 150 FPM.
  • The ability to operate at a significantly lower pressure drop than traditional cartridge filters. 
  • Lower energy consumption with a longer filter life. 
  • Low-speed, low-noise direct drive blowers.  
  • A timer-controlled, automatic pulse jet cleaning system uses solenoid valves and blow-down pipes to assure that the booth maintains its capture velocity by measuring filter pressure drop and automatically cleaning the filters on demand. 
  • Filter access is easy, and change-out is simple and tool-free.
  • A smooth, ledge-free interior to minimize dust accumulation.  
  • Each booth is custom-configured to suit the application, and can be expanded as facility needs change.  
  • Overhead lighting is provided to suit the application.
  • A design that is customized to the facility.  
  • A selection of seven media options (all media is pleated and continuously bonded for maximum stability).
  • Ideal suitability for metalworking processes (particularly welding), plasma torch cutting, air arcing, sanding, grinding, chipping and buffing.
  • It is also highly effective for isolating processes such as powder coating, mixing and polishing.