296TS Continuum™Standard-Knapp’s 296TS Continuum™ tray/shrink system features upgrades to the system’s user interface, wrapping wand and film feed module. According to the company, the system is additionally characterized by:

  • User-friendly, easy-to-maintain and reliable design, perfect for challenging 24/7 applications.
  • An intuitive graphic operator interface and an advanced diagnostic program that automatically directs the operator to a fault screen in the event of a problem and provides automatic scheduled maintenance alerts.  
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel-framed system that features easy “walk-by” maintenance, made possible by transparent guarding that allows the system’s parts to remain clearly visible.
  • The shrink wrapping section features an on-demand film wrapping wand, controlled by a servo motor and sensor. 
  • Eliminating the continuous cycle operation of previous wands, the on-demand wand runs only when needed, eliminating wasteful wear and tear. 
  • The film feed redesign includes a simple, single-pass, error-free film thread system. 
  • The film bed has also been outfitted with an easy-access clamshell design that can easily be opened and removed for a periodic maintenance. 
  • Operating at speeds up to 80 trays per minute, the system provides a smooth transition during the product/tray merge. 
  • The system offers servo-driven Zero-Gap infeed technology for balanced, jam-resistant packing lanes. 
  • Customers can choose between a free-standing or complete tray/shrink system, as well as an integrated tray stacker option.
  • Handling the largest diameter range in the industry, the system is ideal for both loose containers and multipacks in a variety of materials, including glass, PET, HDPE, metal and fiber cans,
  • HiCone, shrink bundles, and paperboard overwrap (these products can be packed into both corrugated and chipboard trays for added flexibility).