GF Piping Systems’ ValvesGF Piping Systems’ Type 561/562 Cone Check Valve and Type 591/595 Vent and Bleed Valves feature a new spherical-cone-shape design that offers improved flow characteristics and leak-proof operating performance. Both types of valve are available in 3/8-inch to 4-inch sizes, and customers can select from PVC, CPVC, PROGEF Standard, Polypropylene, SYGEF® PVDF, or ABS materials to match their plastic piping system, as well as sealing materials, which are available in EPDM and FPM. According to the company, the valves are further characterized by:

Type 561/562 Cone Check Valves

  • Incorporate the latest in check-valve technology to provide enhanced safety, simplified handling, and increased efficiency.
  • Aerodynamic, spherical-shaped cone ensures tight closing and 100 percent leak-proof operation.
  • The cone's double bearing prevents it from tilting, even with rapid closing, and eliminates malfunctions.
  • The Type 562 Valve version incorporates an integrated stainless steel spring (other material options available) for horizontal installation while maintaining its 100 percent leak tightness and operating pressure rating of 2.9 PSI.
  • The Type 561 Valve (without spring) is mounted vertically and features 100 percent leak-tightness at a water column of six feet with 2.9 PSI.
  • Self-closing design by means of the existing pressure exerted by the medium, eliminating the need for another energy source for opening or closing, and offering improved operating efficiency.
  • Smooth transition and radii result in a higher flow rate (compared to conventional check valves) and less wear and tear, less pressure loss, and reduced maintenance.
  • A cone guide that prevents jamming, a fixed gasket that eliminates slipping, bending or gasket erosion; and a union that allows for easy replacement or maintenance in the field.
  • Customers can select from solvent cement socket, NPT thread, and socket and IR fusion joining methods.
  • Suitable for back-flow prevention in building systems and maintaining prime on pumps.
  • They can also serve as a foot valve when used in conjunction with the GF Piping Systems' Type 050 Strainer.
  • Suitable industries include chemical processing, water treatment, microelectronics, food and beverage, cooling, and ship building.

Type 591/595 Bleed and Ventilating Valves

  • Feature an open air vent designed for containers or pipes that must be aerated and/or vented.
  • Include a float mechanism that opens the valve when the level of the liquid falls and closes the valve if the level of the liquid rises.
  • The new ventilating and bleed valves are suitable for applications requiring de-aerating of air while filling piping systems and tanks, or to eliminate vacuums and discharge air pockets.