Amistco MistFixAMISTCO Separation Products introduces its MistFix® insertion mist eliminator to provide a quick and economical solution for those who do not wish to cut into separation vessels to replace a mist eliminator, or to reduce carryover in an existing vessel without a mist eliminator. The MistFix, according to the company, further grants:

  • The carryover of liquid-rich vapors that can be quickly and significantly reduced.
  • Substantial added surface area, which increases separating efficiency.
  • The power to diminish entrainment from numerous knockout vessels in the field (although the company admits the inserts remain limited by their pad thickness).
  • Elimination of the necessity to cut, weld or re-pipe the vessel.
  • Easy installation — simply insert the cylindrical MistFix into the discharge nozzle.
  • Material length and width, and pad construction determined by your process conditions, as well as the dimensions of the nozzle and vessel diameter.
  • No need to re-certify the vessels to ASME standards.