Netbiter®HMS Industrial Networks’ Netbiter® remote management solution enables users to monitor and control machinery — such as power generators, tanks, wind turbines, building applications, and base stations — from a standard web browser. According to the company, the solution also offers:

  • An all-in-one solution including communication gateways, secure hosting servers, and a web user interface.
  • A gateway that connects to any type of remote equipment, usually via the Modbus protocol.
  • The ability to send information via the Internet or a secure GSM/GPRS connection, which requires no VPN or static IP addresses.
  • Users have the ability to monitor parameters such as temperatures, statuses, and levels from a regular web browser; it is also possible to start or stop equipment, such as power generators, remotely.
  • A dashboard tool that makes it easy to create graphical displays, with gauges and tables, of the most important parameters in real-time.
  • Historical data, stored on parallel servers in the Netbiter Argos™ data center, makes it easy to create reports and statistics regarding the equipment.