filtec DetectorThe filtec pressure/leak detector uses a beltless system to inspect bottles for low pressure, so there’s no squeezing of the bottles to detect improper pressure — eliminating the possibility of product spillage from defective bottles and the resulting belt contamination. According to the company, the detector additionally grants:

  • An intelligent sensor to inspect bottles using a proprietary algorithm, which enables the detector to give an immediate and reliable read.  
  • Firm support for each bottle by a precisely positioned guide rail, instead of using belts that frequently need to be adjusted.
  • Defect indication when the pressure is outside acceptable limits, so the bottle is rejected from the line.
  • Suitability for PET and HDPE containers — whether they hold carbonated beverages, LN2 dosed water, teas or juices.
  • A full-featured color touch screen SPT interface.
  • An airless design that reduces utility costs.
  • A small footprint that makes installation in existing lines quick and easy.
  • Precision-fitted parts to make changeovers a snap, thereby eliminating downtime.
  • The flexibility to connect to any existing filtec fill level inspection system using the same rejector.
  • A single moving part that makes for a virtually maintenance-free product.