APV CavitatorSPX’s new APV Cavitator offers benefits for heating liquids without scale build-up, and provides solutions for many of the most difficult mixing and dispersing challenges for food and beverage processing. According to the company, the APV Cavitator:

  • Is named for the powerful effects of shockwaves produced from the collapse of  ‘controlled cavitation’ bubbles and works by taking a fluid into the machine housing, where it is passed through a controlled cavitation field created by the reactor's spinning rotor.
  • Uses the intense force of cavitation in a controlled manner — rather than typical impellers or blades — to process materials, increasing the mass transfer rate and producing results superior to those of many current mixing and heating technologies.
  • Offers benefits such as improved process efficiencies; enhanced product quality, yield and/or raw material savings; extended process run times related to scale-free heating, elimination or reduction of process downtime from maintenance requirements, and a smaller footprint than traditional technology.
  • Can be used for a multitude of sanitary applications ranging from pasteurization to low-pressure homogenization.
  • Achieves cavitation effects without causing damage to metal surfaces.
  • Is designed for easy disassembly, is fully CIP-capable, and is manufactured to meet 3-A standards.