XHD Heavy-Duty Slurry PumpITT Corp.’s new Goulds XHD Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump can handle the heaviest slurry under the toughest conditions. According to the company, the new XHD pump will enable mines and related operations to move slurry with improved reliability, at a lower operating cost.  The pump:

  • Is designed to be maintained even while running, require less downtime for service procedures, and include parts that are more accessible and adjustable than in other slurry pumps.
  • Features a short bearing housing that  is easily adaptable to nearly any existing foundation, so operators can retrofit existing pumps without investing in costly refitting of pipes, electrical lines, and concrete base structures.
  • Includes an adjustable suction seal ring that enables adjustment even while the pump is running, compensates for wear, and maintains optimum impeller clearance for peak performance.
  • Features a split stuffing box that improves accessibility for easier and faster packing maintenance.
  • Has dual impeller adjustment, which provides quick, easy access for operators to perform impeller corrections.
  • Features a replaceable wet end cartridge, which allows operators to change parts more quickly and efficiently, with the help of a unique, tapered impeller shaft.
  • Includes an i-Alert condition monitor, ITT's proprietary technology that measures vibration and temperature, and signals users with a blinking red LED when it detects a potential problem.
  • Is designed to work optimally on both Service Class III (heavy) and Class IV (very heavy) slurries, as defined by the Hydraulic Institute.
  • Is available in six discharge sizes ranging from 80mm (3 inches) to 300mm (12 inches), and in four power frames.
  • Features a flow range that extends to 2,950 cubic meters per hour (13,000 gallons per minute), and discharge pressures to 85 meters (280 feet).
  • Offers high reliability, with design features in every critical area that reduce wear and extend equipment life while pumping abrasive minerals or aggregates.
  • Can be ordered in December, and shipping is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2012.