Summit 8800 Digital Flow ComputerKROHNE, Inc.’s Summit 8800 Digital Flow Computer features a touchscreen graphic display and dramatic performance, handling, and interoperability improvements. According to the company, the computer:

  • Includes an extensive feature set that supports the latest developments in metering, data handling, and system maintenance, at an extremely competitive price.
  • Is ideal for a wide variety of custody and process applications, including metering oil, gas, wet gas, steam and water; bulk chemicals batching; heat exchanger metering and logging; and metering production processes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Features unsurpassed network support that allows users to minimize service costs and implement automatic remote metering.
  • Contains a dedicated microprocessor with a fast ¼-second processing cycle for each input/output (I/O) board, rather than using one shared processor.
  • Has a removable multi-gigabyte memory card that stores data with enough capacity for several years of flow information.
  • Features user-friendly scroll-and-click navigation and touch-screen control, which make operation simple and straightforward.
  • Has multiple, redundant Ethernet ports, and wide-area communication is possible using a range of common protocols.
  • Features a modular design, which allows the user to plug in up to six I/O or communication boards as needed for multiple flow streams, analyzers, or additional network communications options.
  • Has several innovative security features, including configurable multi-level access and authorization and an optional personalized electronic proximity key.
  • Separates fiscal and maintenance data, thereby permitting remote maintenance without compromising security and data integrity.