RealShear™Lenterra, Inc. has announced the release of its RealShear™ line of sensors for the direct measurement of wall shear stress. According to the company, the sensors represent the first commercially available system of their kind in the world and offer these features:

  • Continuous, real-time data measurement rates of up to 1,000 per second with no disruption of process flow.
  • The ability to be used to calculate viscosity in combination with known flow parameters.
  • Suitability for industrial mixing, extrusion, and pipelines.
  • The ability to measure the wall shear stress in mixers and extruders in real time, which can help process engineers carefully control conditions to consistently produce product with desired properties.
  • Increased throughput because no extra or unnecessary mixing is performed.
  • Information that can be important in crude oil extraction, helping to estimate the relative amounts of hydrocarbons, water, sand, etc. present, and to predict when it is necessary to replace aging pipelines due to corrosion.
  • A fully optical design that is free from electro-magnetic interference, but still operates in a host of environments and particle flows (opaque and translucent, as well as transparent).