Flow Measurement & Logging SystemsGF Piping Systems has added an Ultrasonic Flow Measurement and Logging family to its extensive line of flow and analytical measurement instrumentation. Featuring advanced DSP technology, the new ultrasonic family includes two portable models — Portaflow 220 and 330 — and two fixed installation models — Ultraflo 3000 and 4000 — which are characterized by:

Portable Systems PF220 and PF330

  • Offer an ideal solution for remote or temporary sites.
  • Feature lightweight construction (2.42 pounds including battery).
  • Are designed for 20 hours of continuous battery operation.
  • The standard PF 220 accommodates sensor ranges for pipe sizes from ½ inch to 40 inches OD, while the PF 330 model measures sensor ranges for pipe sizes up to 78 inches OD.
  • For data logging requirements, the PF330 records and stores up to 98,000 metering points.
  • Units are supplied in a rugged IP67 carrying case fitted with a foam insert for added protection during transport.

Fixed Ultrasonic Systems U3000 and U4000

  • Provide stationary solutions for flow measurement and logging and accommodate sensor ranges for pipe sizes from ½ inch to 78 inches.
  • For large data logging requirements, the U4000 records and stores up to 200,000 metering points.