Sierra's Ultrasonic Flow MetersSierra Instruments has just announced the introduction of a brand-new lineup of their popular transit-time ultrasonic flow meters, including the improved next-generation Innova-Sonic® 205i, portable 210i models, and the new Innova-Sonic® 203.  The expanded series is characterized by:

  • New to the offering, the Innova-Sonic® 203 has been optimized for customers still looking for good performance, but needing a lower cost, less feature-rich option for dedicated clamp-on ultrasonic metering.
  • The design of the 203 focuses on the measurement of water flows in HVAC, irrigation, and other water applications; it is ideal for pipes up to 48-inches in diameter and promises accuracy to +/-1.0 percent of reading, repeatability to +/-0.3 percent of reading, and a temperature range of 32° F to 140° F (0° C to 60° C).
  • The 203 offers an easy-to-read display and clear, user-friendly menu selections that make using the instrument simple and convenient, and it can be configured via keypad without any additional programming devices.
  • The Innova-Sonic 205i is Sierra’s highest performing dedicated clamp-on instrument incorporating the latest developments in digital signal processing to offer excellent accuracy and repeatability for a wide variety of liquids. 
  • For the 205i, accuracy improves to +/-0.5 percent of reading, repeatability to +/-0.15 percent of reading, and pipe capacity increases to 200 inches; shortcut buttons have been added to the main interface for flow, totalized flow, velocity, fluid, signal, and diagnostics to make set up and data collection even easier.
  • New high-temperature clamp-on and insertion options have been added to the 205i, making the unit more flexible; also, PCAs inside the meter have been modularized, enabling field swap out for easy repairs or upgrades.
  • The 205i also features a large alpha-numeric display, parallel operation of positive, negative, and net flow totalizers; configurable pulse frequency, analog outputs plus relay and open collector outputs, SD data-logging capability, and energy monitoring is fully supported for both heating and cooling applications.
  • The Innova-Sonic 210i portable clamp-on ultrasonic meter has received a complete repackaging into a smaller, more lightweight, hand-held configuration including new brighter display and pushbuttons.
  • The 210i provides a powerful and extremely user-friendly programming menu that includes instantaneous flow rate, positive total, negative total, net total, velocity, date & time, and daily flow results.
  • A fully field-portable, lightweight, yet rugged and totally self-contained flow measurement package, the 210i comes standard with a pelican carrying case, non-invasive clamp-on transducers installed into compact mounting racks, coupling compound, and a start-up CD; the meter set-up time is less than 5 minutes.