Cyclops portable infrared thermometerLand Instruments Int'l, a unit of AMETEK, Inc., has announced efficiency and accuracy improvements to its Cyclops portable infrared thermometers for non-contact industrial temperature measurement in the 200° C to 3000° C range. Improvements and features include:

  • All models now include Bluetooth connectivity as a standard feature, eliminating the need for cable connection to a recording device and making the thermometers easier and safer to use.
  • Two new models, 160B+ and 100B+, have the stability to resolve temperatures in 0.1° C increments, improving capabilities as transfer standard instruments in calibration laboratories.
  • Any model can be supplied with full calibration certification, traceable to National Standards, from the company’s accredited laboratory.
  • The reliable, battery powered thermometers are used in a wide range of industries including primary and secondary metals, glass, petrochemical, plastics, and laboratory/research and development.
  • Thermometers have precision, narrow field of view continuously focusable optics with through-the-lens sighting for accurate sample point selection.
  • Long-term drift-free measurement assures confidence in the readings.
  • The six thermometers in the range include special purpose units for molten metals and in-furnace measurements.
  • Advanced spectral filtering eliminates the distorting effects of water vapor in the atmosphere.
  • The rugged casings are designed to withstand harsh environments.