FUTUR-Omega seriesAlmatec® has added the FUTUR-Omega series to its growing line of standard-setting pneumatic diaphragm pumps. Specially designed for high-end semiconductor applications, the new FUTUR-Omega series:

  • Features a compact, simple design with only a few moving parts to provide a long life cycle and improved safety.
  • Features a new ?-shaped (Omega-shaped) base frame.
  • Is machined from and constructed entirely of PTFE material.
  • Features a self-priming AODD pump design, which can run dry.
  • Allows the pumped liquid to flow straight through the product of the center housing, while the air control system and air chambers are located on the side housing.
  • Has a design that ensures that only one part of the housing comes in contact with the liquid, therefore reducing the number of flow bends to only two and maximizing surface area.
  • Is constructed entirely of PTFE and machined from solid block — this combination provides superior wear resistance and long pump life. 
  • Is available in three sizes with maximum capacities of 20, 50, and 100 lpm (5.3, 13, and 26 gpm).
  • Requires very little space and offers simplified installation in confined spaces.
  • Depending on the application, the pumps are also available constructed entirely of polyethylene and SS316L material.
  • Was named a 2011 Innovation Award winner by United States-based Flow Control magazine.