Durex DFXDurex Industries recently released its DFX electric heat exchangers for fluid-heating applications. The company says that these heat exchangers offer:

  • Fast, safe and effective heating of liquids and gases. 
  • Rapid heat transfer and gentle, indirect heating that doesn’t degrade fluid.
  • The power to heat viscous and temperature-sensitive fluids, such as oils, coatings and paints, resins and solvents.
  • Ideal suitability for heating de-ionized water, solvents, sterilization gases and other contamination-sensitive substances. 
  • Heating/cooling capabilities for precise solvent, volatile and viscous liquid temperature control.
  • A coiled, seamless 316 stainless steel flow tube, embedded in a lightweight aluminum casting (along with the heater elements). 
  • Heater elements that are isolated from the medium flow path. 
  • A heavy-wall flow tube, available in single and dual configurations, to provide high pressure ratings, which are not easily obtained in traditional circulation heaters.