KNF diaphragm mini pumps and compressorsKNF diaphragm mini pumps and compressors now offer highly customized “built-to-suit” pump solutions, benefiting OEMs and offering a wide range of available features and options that can be specified to satisfy virtually any application demand. These N85-N815 series mini pumps:

  • Can reliably handle gases, take samples (even liquids in a vacuum), or evacuate vessels. 
  • Are typically used for analyzers, medical instruments, printers, and in other applications requiring high performance in a compact package.
  • Can be modified by selecting from an array of choices, including performance modifications, various head materials, multiple stages, wetted coatings, motor types (AC, brush DC, or brushless DC with speed control), connections, tubing, and mountings, and more.
  • Are lightweight (from 0.56 kg to 1.8 kg) and share key features designed to optimize operation and performance. 
  • Are equipped with a patented structured diaphragm delivering high pneumatic performance and efficiency; operate without oil to ensure uncontaminated flow of the pumped medium; and integrate tough valve structures to easily handle vapor and condensation. 
  • Require virtually no maintenance and can be mounted in any position.
  • Can provide flow rates up to 20 l/m, achieve up to 27 in. hg vacuum levels with a single stage, and operate against pressures up to 35 PSIG (depending on the model).