ControlLogix 5570 Series programmable automation controllersAccording to the company, manufacturers can achieve higher processing speed with the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5570 Series programmable automation controllers (PACs) from Rockwell Automation. This new series, which includes the ControlLogix 5571, 5572, 5572S, 5573, 5573S, 5574, and 5575 controllers, features enhanced process, motion, safety, and information capabilities and also:

  • Significantly improves the amount of information that can be exchanged between the control and supervisory layers, while allowing more control strategies to be executed — boosting system performance and enhancing access to real-time information for improved productivity.
  • Provides high-speed axis and trajectory planning, making the controllers ideal for synchronizing complex motion applications.
  • Is capable of supporting more than 100 axes of motion and seamlessly integrates through EtherNet/IP and SERCOS network interfaces.
  • Provides two to three times faster scan times and a range of memory options from two to 32 MB for discrete applications.
  • Will be expanded in December with GuardLogix 5572S and 5573S controllers, which will provide the same automation capabilities as the ControlLogix platform as well as safety-rated control for safety-related functions up to and including SIL3, PLe CAT IV. 
  • Will further benefit from the introduction of the new POINT Guard SIL3 analog input module designed to provide automation and safety functionality in the POINT I/O system; users can apply the POINT Guard analog input module to measure temperature, pressure, and flow rate for analog safety functions. 
  • Is equipped with on-board display features that provide enhanced diagnostics and run-time information to help ease troubleshooting and increase uptime.
  • Have improved security features including improved data integrity and faster data transference with a one-GB secure digital card.
  • Will soon include the ControlLogix 5573XT PAC for operations in extreme environments, which will be released in January, is rated for extended temperatures (-25° C to 70° C), and is coated for use in high-humidity and corrosive environments.