Sandvik RotoformSandvik Process Systems has developed its Rotoform® HS2000 system with a solidification capacity one third greater than its existing high-speed model due to the implementation of a wider depositor and steel belt, enabling throughput rates of up to 400 TPD. According to the company, the system also provides:

  • Controlled solidification that ensures the production of quality mono-granules of 2- to 4-mm in diameter.
  • The capability to deposit the product to be solidified in the form of droplets across a continuously running steel belt.
  • A cold-water spray against the underside of the system to transfer heat from the droplets — via the steel belt as it travels — to the cooling water.
  • Virtually no dust or vapour emissions, and no need for subsequent screening, remelting or de-watering.
  • The ability to operate multiple process lines individually side by side to cope with varying throughput requirements.
  • Minimal environmental impact and compliance with all current international legislation.