Abanaki skimmerAbanaki Corp. has designed its vapor-tight, explosion-proof groundwater remediation system to keep explosive vapors from being vented into the atmosphere. According to the company, its oil-skimming system is also equipped with:

  • The PetroXtractor belt oil skimmer that consists of explosion-proof electrical components, a vapor-tight belt housing and a self-sealing well casing mounting clamp.
  • Optimal removal rates achieved by using the LFO Fuzzy2 belt, which is made from a special oil-attracting material with tiny hairs that increase surface area and collect light hydrocarbons efficiently as volatile oils, such as gasoline and diesel fuel, are associated with low viscosity.
  • Oil skimmer wiper blades to scrape oil from the belt and discharge it into an oil concentrator (a small gravity separator that removes any trace water from the skimmed oil).
  • The flow of waste oil out of the concentrator into a transfer tank where a pump activated by float switches sends the oil to a customer-provided waste oil vessel.
  • A cost-effective method for the removal of light fuel oils from groundwater compared to traditional pump-and-treat groundwater remediation systems.
  • Suitability for remediating oil contamination from groundwater using existing monitoring or remediation wells.
  • The flexibility to be configured with any of Abanaki's groundwater remediation systems.