ATS Black PearlATS RheoSystems recently released the high-performance Black Pearl rotational viscometer, which is capable of both steady shear and yield stress testing in a rugged, compact footprint. The Black Pearl additionally grants:

  • Ideal suitability for investigating the mixing, stirring and process flow characteristics of fluid systems.
  • The ability to perform both routine rheological tests, such as single-point viscosity checks for quality control, to complex rheological evaluation for research and development.
  • Built-in Peltier temperature control for all measuring systems, including cone and plate, parallel plate and concentric cylinder measuring systems.
  • An accurate, yet user-adjustable gapping mechanism.
  • An angular velocity range from 0.01 to 200 radians/second.
  • A torque range from 0.005 to 20 mNm.
  • A temperature range from -10° to 120°C.
  • Quick-capture mounting technology.