Witte Vibratory DriveAccording to The Witte Co., its twin-shaft vibratory drive incorporates a proprietary design that produces the robust linear vibration required to deliver consistent motion to large, high-capacity fluid bed dryers, coolers, screeners and conveyors. Furthermore, the drive delivers:

  • A low-maintenance approach that replaces gears, drive springs, counter-reacting bases and crank arms with belts, oversized spherical roller bearings and an enlarged eccentric counter weight.
  • Elimination of oil lubrication, along with its inherent safety concerns.
  • Sound pressure levels of less than 80 dBA — 11 percent quieter than OSHA’s permissible industry standard.
    Smooth, high-volume, 24/7 operation.
  • Suitability for when the drying or cooling area reaches an area of 100 square feet.
  • The flexibility to accommodate changes to the process or product, and even permit on-the-fly lubrication during processing.