Trelleborg IsolastTrelleborg Sealing Solutions recently released its Isolast® J9876 perfluoroelastomer with specific properties for use in mechanical seals. According to the company, this new compound additionally grants:

  • Optimal long-term physical property retention results from the fact that it has the most comprehensive media resistance at elevated temperatures of any perfluoroelastomer on the market.
  • Elimination of the need to stock multiple material grades supporting different applications.
  • A continuous operating temperature range from 19° to 527°F (-7° to 275°C) with occasional peaks up to 599°F (315°C).
  • Compatibility with virtually all media.
  • Availability in any size O-Ring, gasket, molded part or rubber-to-metal bonded components, including door and gate seals.
  • Suitability for high-temperature applications, steam and water, chemical processing systems, pumps, valves, power generation equipment, refineries and semiconductor applications not directly exposed to plasma sources.
  • Compliance with USP Class VI, so it can be used in pharmaceutical applications.