Globe jacketed reactor platformSyrris, a leader in novel chemistry reactor systems, has received worldwide success with its new Globe jacketed reactor platform. The Globe system was designed by chemists for ultimate ease-of-use and features:

  • Advanced technology that allows vessels from 50 mL to 5 L to be used with a common clamp, lid, circulator and stand.
  • A combination of automatic stirrer alignment with the widest range of temperatures (-90° C to +250º C) and pressures (vacuum to 3 bar).
  • A design that allows vessels to be easily be changed in seconds, making this a truly flexible platform that can be easily upgraded to a fully-automated system.
  • A default temperature range of -40º C to +200º C, which is further extendable via the addition of temperature upgrade kits.
  • In-reactor temperature probes that enable highly accurate control throughout; the range is fully compatible with almost all circulators.
  • The regular Globe system is suited to atmospheric pressure or vacuum processes as low as 50 mbar, while the Globe 3 bar system is ideally suited for high-pressure reactions or high vacuum.
  • The systems can be easily upgraded using the Globe Reactor Master for full automation and data logging, or the Syringe Pump for automated reagent dosing.
  • Globe Master PC software can convert the system into a fully controllable laboratory reactor.