Meriam PIT5000Meriam Process Technologies characterizes its PIT5000 as the modern tool for conducting pipeline hydrostatic pressure tests, so you can replace your dead weight testers, pressure chart recorders, temperature chart recorders, stop watches and counters with the convenience of digital data collection and user-friendly PC software. The PIT5000 is further highlighted by:

  • Real-time plotting with color-coded plot lines and zoom in/out control.
  • A tab structure for fast selection of any desired screen — each tab provides test information, plots or editable fields as appropriate.
  • A data panel of key test parameters along the right-hand side of each tab. 
  • NIST-traceable instrumentation to measure pressure, ambient temperature and pipeline temperature, as well as plot on 1 graph vs. time.
  • The continuous display of measurements during the hydrostatic pressure test program, whereas those that exceed limits entered during setup are highlighted by a flashing red background.
  • The final report, which is in the form of a secure electronic file.
  • Data sets that are normally saved in 1-minute intervals to the PC's hard drive.
  • Site data entry, data logging, a pump stroke counter, limits with associated visual alarms and more.
  • Software designed to streamline the operator's workload, while providing convenient and secure test data.