Yokogawa DXAdvanced TouchEquipped with a new touch screen operator interface, the Yokogawa DXAdvanced Touch is a new model series of the highly capable DXAdvanced R4 data acquisition and display stations. The station features:

  • A pressure-sensitive touch screen that gives users a faster and more efficient way to navigate the display screens and normal operating modes of the unit —without sacrificing the display quality and clarity that all DX models are known for.
  • The capability for an operator to quickly and easily enter batch and message text information on a full-screen touch keyboard and readily access trend history data with the calendar search functions.
  • An Advanced Security option that delivers full compliance with FDA regulation 21CFR Part 11, enabling all models to be used in any FDA program area that must comply with the regulation
  • A multi-batch option that allows channels to be grouped and recorded to discrete batch records with independent start and stop control.
  • Custom display screen support and an alarm annunciator display mode using ISA sequencing is also included — the station becomes an intelligent annunciator system with data display and recording functions.
  • Two model ranges are offered — DX1000T with 2-12 universal inputs and 5.5- inch color display and the larger DX2000T with 4-48 universal inputs and 10.4-inch color display.
  • Open network connectivity — it can interface with PLCs and other control products as a data source or to add graphical data display and recording functions.
  • MODBUS RTU and TCP, EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS DP protocols allow installation on control networks and up to 300 optional external I/O inputs can be brought into the DX2000T to build a large recording system.