Meyer Klean In PlaceWm. W. Meyer & Sons recently unveiled its Klean-in-Place® rotary airlock feeder as a special-purpose valve with 4 slide bar supports (which use linear bearings) to provide maximum support of the rotor while it's pulled out. The Klean-In-Place also boasts:

  • A built-in device that automatically reestablishes the close dimensional tolerances between the rotor and housing, and a safety interlock switch.
  • The ability to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and inspected in a short time
  • No tools required — simply remove the head plate, which is attached to the valve housing, with easily unscrewed release handles.
  • Accommodations for batch systems demanding regular cleaning between cycles, as well as when frequent cleaning and sanitary service is required to prevent product contamination.
  • Suitability for dairy, pharmaceutical, food, baking, chemical, paint and powder-coating plants.
  • Availability with square or round flanges, standard airlock options, and USDA and sanitary construction.
  • Compliance with 3A sanitary standards.