µVISC™With the new HC chip, the cost-effective µVISC™ instrument from RheoSense Inc. provides for easy and rapid viscosity measurements and now supports a wider range of applications. Key features of the viscometer include:

  • The technical combination supports industry demands for tighter quality control and fast and timely decision making.
  • With simple 1-2-3 step operation, tests are completed within a minute.
  • The easy-to-use menu-driven application program allows the user to view graphs of the results and generate a report with the touch of a finger.
  • µVISC™ is an essential portable instrument for testing and evaluating materials such as inks, biologics, chemicals, oils, and other liquids.
  • VROC® is an acronym of Viscometer Rheometer on a chip — it is the only chip-based viscometer.
  • The applied measurement principle is well-known for simplicity and accuracy in the rheology field and described in most rheology textbooks, some ISO methods also adopt the core principle.