Olsa MinilabOlsa has designed its table-top Minilab laboratory vacuum mixer homogenizer for the most demanding requirements in the formulation of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care creams, lotions, gels and ointments. The homogenizer additionally offers:

  • An agitation configuration that includes a single planetary mixer, a revolving Teflon scraper arm and a bottom-entering rotor/stator homogenizing turbine.
  • A maximum working capacity of 2.7 liters.
  • A hemispherical, jacketed mixing vessel, which is easily removed for cleaning, as are the planetary mixing and scraper blade.
  • A product temperature probe on the vacuum mixing vessel, which is jacketed for product temperature control.
  • The flexibility to produce laboratory and pilot batches that can be scaled to the company‚Äôs production-capacity vacuum mixer homogenizers up to 10,000 liters.
  • A vacuum cover and agitator assembly that tilt back from the mixing vessel for easy access.
  • An internal vacuum pump on the Minilab 2G.