Assmann Double WallNew from Assmann Corp. is a line of double-wall tanks, which provide primary and secondary containment in one integral space-saving vessel. These tanks additionally boast:

  • A system that consists of a primary inner tank and a secondary outer tank, which has 120 percent capacity of the inner tank, exceeding EPA standards for secondary containment basins.
  • An inner tank dome that overlaps the outer tank’s sidewall to prevent rain, snow and debris from entering the secondary containment tank.
  • A molded-in, recessed pump shelf, which contains small chemical spills and is designed for installing chemical pumps and metering equipment, in the top of the primary tank.
  • A molded-in sump directly below the pump shelf, permitting suction lines to be lowered onto the sump area for maximum drainage of chemicals with top-discharge assemblies.
  • A recessed lower fitting flat that allows fittings to penetrate through the secondary containment wall and into the primary tank’s sump, which allows full flooded suction for outlet assemblies.
  • Your choice from 20-, 40-, 65-, 85-, 120-, 150-, 165- and 250-gallon units. 
  • Suitability for storing hazardous and corrosive chemicals inside or outside.
  • Availability of custom-fitting packages and accessories.
  • A wide selection of fittings and accessories to meet specific application needs.