Swagelok® Fluid Distribution Header (FDH),The new Swagelok® Fluid Distribution Header (FDH) is a pre-engineered, fully documented piping system that can serve as a distribution or collection manifold in gas or liquid applications. The system features:

  • An inlet on one end, a drain on the other and multiple outlets on the side — users can customize the FDH based on the facility or process need.
  • An extruded manifold body design with square sides that mounts solidly to prevent twisting.
  • Standard branch locations for increased system flexibility; additional outlets can be added later without welding.
  • Options for 2 to 16 outlets, available with or without valves so users can add ports as needed.
  • A variety of high-quality valves and end connections, all manufactured by the company.
  • Mounting brackets that can be positioned by the installer.
  • A rating for working pressures up to 3,000 psig (248 bar).
  • Availability in 1-inch or 2-inch sizes, and users can individually configure to suit the needs of their system.
  • The ability to function as a collection manifold for single connection for disposal.
  • The opportunity for users to select up to 16 positions for branch outlets, available on the left, front, and right sides of the system, or a combination of two sides.
  • Availability with or without a pressure gauge, and an optional drain valve is available to provide collection.
  • A variety of valves are available for installation on the system: 40 and 40G series instrumentation ball valves, 60 series process ball valves, 1 and 18 series integral bonnet needle valves or P4T and P6T series plug valves.
  • A comprehensive application guide is available to help customers determine the best choice for their systems.
  • A user’s guide is included with each purchased system
  • Subsystems are covered by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.