ACS BT feederACS Valves has designed the BT Series blow-through feeder/airlock to ensure optimal bulk density and throughput of hard-to-convey materials, such as fine powders and flakes that, in high-pressure pneumatic conveying applications, can easily over-aerate and reduce material feed efficiency. Furthermore, according to the company, the BT Series delivers:

  • The power to optimize material flow density, improve material conveying efficiency and reduce total compressed air consumption.
  • The ability to decrease excess aeration of the material during conveying with an integrated vent port on the return side of the valve housing that automatically vents air leakage.
  • An 8-vane rotary valve design to significantly reduce air leakage and maximize the flow path of air through the rotor pocket, improving material pocket release.
  • A strong valve housing to provide optimal service in high-temperature applications, as well as applications requiring pressure differentials up to 20 PSIG.
  • Extended maintenance cycles with an outboard bearing design that removes the bearings from the path of damaging and contaminating materials.
  • A variable-frequency drive to modulate the feeder drive speed and reduce power requirements based on the fluctuating performance needs of the system, thereby adding process efficiency.
  • Availability in cast iron, or 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • 8- or 10-inch round flange sizes.