ProfiMessageProfiMessage is the new powerful system from Delphin for data acquisition, monitoring and automation of machinery, plant and test stands. This modular system:

  • Uses master and slave devices and a range of different I/O modules to adapt to any task.
  • Is suitable for applications ranging from the monitoring of industrial processes to laboratory data acquisition and test stand automation.
  • Has universal connectivity, and the flexible I/O modules provide a wide range of process interface options.
  • Features Profibus-DP, Modbus or CAN-bus, which enable connections to PLC control systems for data exchange.
  • Has analog and digital sensor signals that can record data simultaneously to an independent 16 GB memory, which enables subsequent data analysis and evaluation.
  • Features data memory that can be read out using either USB or Ethernet interfaces.
  • Includes inputs that can be configured separately (depending on the type of I/O module being used) to measure mV, mA, RTDs and thermocouples; every input and output is differential, high-precision and galvanically isolated.
  • Is equipped with digital inputs for functioning as status or frequency inputs, as well as digital and analog outputs.
  • Features internal software channels that enable functions such as limit value monitoring, integration or online computations, and are easy to configure; these enable the devices to be effectively deployed as monitoring and record-keeping systems.