TKF Valu-LiftTKF recently unveiled its Valu-Lift™ vertical lift as a light-duty, 4-strand, continuous-lift conveyor that can handle cartons and other smooth-bottom loads up to 50 pounds. Moreover, the Valu-Lift delivers:

  • A maximum unit load of 21 inches (L) by 16 inches (W) by 22 feet (H). 
  • A minimum unit load without special transitions of 10 (L) by 4 (W) by 1-1/2 inches (H) with a weight of 3 pounds.
  • Standard net lifting heights from 8 to 14 feet with customized heights available. 
  • The capacity to lift at a maximum speed of 118 FPM.  
  • Up, down or reversible operational modes.  
  • A patented platform consisting of lightweight interlocking molded polymer flights with steel connecting pins.
  • Efficient, high-speed operation, low maintenance, and quick and easy assembly.
  • Economical modular construction.
  • Standard safety features that include a 24-VDC control, a current sensing relay that instantly shuts down the conveyor if it is overloaded, totally enclosed shroud-type tunnel guards and a smooth, clean design.