Leak Detection Equipment MatchingChemical processors seeking the increased production efficiencies and lower costs now possible with use of state-of-the-art leak detectors for chemical products’ assembly can now select between two new leak detection equipment matching services from Uson. These two no-cost services are characterized by: 

Leak Detector Express Proposal Service

  • Assures a 48-hour return on RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and is suitable for most in the industry.
  • Is especially timely for the many manufacturing engineers responding to recessionary pressures to decrease production costs, as well as the opportunities provided by vastly improved data storage capabilities in state-of-the-art Uson leak detectors; this is a benefit to ongoing Six Sigma and similar quality initiatives. 
  • Leak detection equipment includes several models of leak detectors, each of which has been designed for specific test cycle times, leak rate, test pressures and similar specifications. 
  • The Express service employs the vast Uson database of leak test solutions to quickly determine best match leak detectors for most RFP proposals.

Leak Detection Equipment Custom Application Proposal Service

  • Is ideal for unusual applications that require multi-phase analysis of best-match leak detection equipment at the concept stage, final designs, training, and factory installation and acceptance testing.
  • Is designed to bring the entirety of Uson’s expertise to bear on finding best match leak detection equipment for more challenging test specifications or others requiring additional study. 
  • Some examples are: high flow valves to fill large volumes quickly, pneumatic circuits that automatically switch leak tests from one side of a part to another and multiple test pressure requirements.
  • The Uson team that finalizes these custom application proposals includes highly trained leak testing engineers, applications specialists and operations and sales specialists, brought together as a team to create leak test solutions optimized for these more challenging requirements.