Lechler M20Lechler has designed its M20 tank-cleaning machine to clean the largest tanks and handle the most difficult cleaning applications. According to the company, this gear-driven unit also offers:

  • Systematic sweeping of the entire tank interior within a specified cycle time, which is based upon the number of nozzles on the unit and the inlet liquid pressure. 
  • High-impact cleaning at relatively low inlet pressures. 
  • The flexibility to clean long tanks via the Horizontal M20, which is a standard M20 with a special attachment that allows more horizontal spraying — this way, more water reaches the bulkhead for tankers and railcars, providing faster and more effective cleaning. 
  • The power to tackle large cleaning jobs like fermentation and storage tanks in ethanol plants or wineries. 
  • Quality construction that results not only in optimal cleaning performance, but also lowers costs when maintenance becomes necessary. 
  • Availability of either a 2- or 4-nozzle model.