Tri-FlowTri-Mer Corp. a technology company specializing in air pollution control systems, has introduced Tri-Flow, a new filtration concept that delivers HEPA-like performance with an MERV 16 rating.  Additionally, the filters:

  • Are a higher-performing alternative to bag, cartridge and pocket filters, which are typically rated MERV 10 to 13. 
  • Have a small footprint and an exceptionally large filter surface area: they provide 2 to 3 times more filtration compared to similarly dimensioned bag (pocket) filters.
  • Offer an even greater increase in filtration area versus volume in comparison to sleeve-type high efficiency filters. 
  • Feature a design that provides in-line pulse jet cleaning and maintains an exceptionally low operating pressure drop. 
  • Typically achieve efficiencies of 99.999 percent on 0.5 micron and larger particles (by weight).  
  • Are self-supporting and are manufactured using proprietary filter media tailored to the application. 
  • Feature 7 filter media, including options for oleophobic, high temperature and anti-static applications — all media is pleated and continuously bonded for maximum dimensional stability and filtration integrity.
  • Have a multi-year service life for virtually all industrial applications: compared with conventional bag or cartridge-type filters, service life is 3 to 5 times longer, with zero compromise of filter performance.  
  • Feature filter change-out that is fast , tool-free, and is done from outside the collector (from the clean air plenum side ) — As a result, it is never necessary to enter the dirty air plenum side for servicing, a feature which eliminates concerns about employee exposure to hazardous dusts.
  • Can often be accommodated into existing dust collectors.