Michell MDM300 ISMichell Instruments has developed an intrinsically safe version, dubbed the MDM300 I.S., of its portable hygrometer. The MDM300 I.S comes with:

  • Fast and accurate moisture content measurements in the field.
  • The company’s ceramic sensor technology, which can reach dew points to -95°F in less than 10 minutes with an accuracy of better than ±1.8°F.  
  • Continuous high-speed operation of 6 measurements per hour by avoiding the use of desiccant.
  • The capability to take measurements at pressures up to 350 BAR. 
  • Portability to permit for spot checks of moisture at any point in the process, meaning that points of moisture ingress can be identified quickly and easily before damage is caused.
  • An operating temperature range of -148° to 68°F.
  • A completely self-contained design, including a fixed orifice sample system for low pressures.
  • A range of configurable external sampling systems and remote transmitters to achieve pressures up to 5,000 PSI.
  • Suitability for applications in natural gas processing.