Clark Solutions’ DN420 Series Vortex Flow TransmittersClark Solutions’ DN420 Series Vortex Flow Transmitters are an economical choice for liquid media flow monitoring, temperature monitoring and control in applications such as heat exchange systems, cooling loops, and industrial processing applications utilizing ¼ inch to ¾ inch piping systems. According to the company, the transmitters are:

  • Characterized by direct temperature measurement, excellent media resistance, and minimal pressure loss.
  • Insensitive to temperature fluctuations or debris in media.
  • Loop-powered and utilize piezoelectric sensors embedded in an ETFE vane located downstream of the bluff to detect the generated vortices.
  • Provided with a frequency/pulse output, a linear 4-20 mA output proportional to flow, and an integral 1000 Ohm RTD temperature sensor for measuring the liquid temperature.
  • Suitable for water and water glycol based systems.
  • Designed for flow ranges from 0.24 to 39.6 GPM (0.9 … 150 LPM) and temperature ranges of 40° F to +302°F (-40 to > +150 °C).
  • Able to achieve flow rate accuracies of less than 1 percent of reading for flow values 50 to 100 percent of full scale, and 2 percent of full scale for lower readings.