Posidyne® clutch/brakes from Force Control IndustriesPosidyne® clutch/brakes from Force Control Industries feature oil shear technology that allows rapid and precise stopping, starting, reversing, speed change and positioning — all without adjustment and virtually no maintenance. The clutch/brakes:

  • Are ideal for applications with frequent start and stop cycles.
  • Allow higher cycle rates — as high as 300 cycles per minute — to increase production rates with lower downtime. 
  • Feature a longer service life than traditional dry clutch/brakes, which, when combined with the higher cycle rates, yields increased uptime, productivity and ROI. 
  • Are characterized by no adjustment, virtually no maintenance, multi-year service life, minimal parts inventory, and reduced parts- and replacement-ordering cost.
  • Are designed with low inertia cycling components.
  • Dissipate heat through the housing by flowing the fluid from the friction surface to the housing — additional heat can be dissipated by adding an integral fan, water cooling, and even pulling the fluid out of the unit for additional heat exchanger cooling and filtration.
  • Can be used on high inertia loads, or in extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Are available with many mounting options, from standard foot mounting to piggy back or C-Face. 
  • Can include two clutches as found in the Multispeed Drive or High Speed Reversing Drives from Force Control.
  • Are field proven in diverse applications such as lumber mills, shingle mills, fiberglass insulation, food processing, packaging, metal processing, and many more.
  • Are impervious to dust, chips, chemicals, coolants, caustic wash down, weather, and more, making them ideal for hostile environments. 
  • Feature a multiple disc design that produces high torque from a small package.
  • Can be actuated either by air or hydraulic pressure for use in plant or outside applications.
  • Are inherently explosion-proof with the addition of an explosion proof actuation valve, which can also be remotely mounted in an explosion-proof cabinet.
  • Are available in multiple sizes to suit particular applications, from ½ to 350 HP (99 Lb. In. to 79,000 Lb. In.), and with cooling options, control logic and mounting arrangements to simplify and speed installation.
  • Feature oil shear technology, which means that they do not require constant maintenance, adjustment or disc replacement — and they last up to 10 times longer than standard dry friction brakes.